From Colombia to Carolina

By Meredith R.

Senora De Radcliffe is originally from Colombia. Given that she is from a South American country, her native language is Spanish, however she attended a French speaking school so she is now tri-lingual. She then came to the United States to continue her education at Davidson College. Her father had studied there as a student and urged her to do the same so that she would have more opportunities.

There, at Davidson, she met her husband and they decided to get married and stay in the U.S. After living in New York for a while she moved to back to North Carolina where she currently lives. When asked if it was a hard transition to move from Columbia to the United States she replied: "Not at all. It was a very easy transition considering I was coming here to study. If I had been coming for a different reason it may have been more difficult".

Senora De Radcliffe has a passion for writing novels but she is also a Foreign Language teacher at Durham Academy Upper School. She helps students with their writing skills with a club she started at Durham Academy. She has recently had one of her books published.

During the interview Senora De Radcliffe described a touching story about when she lived in Mexico for the first couple years of her life. A family friend made a small crafted dove for her because she had shown this friend her support even at an early age. She still has it to this day and it reminds her most of her home and childhood. She explained to me that she always has it in a safe place, which is noramally in the window sill of her bedroom.